XtremeMac and Future Sonics Partner on New Earphones

XtremeMac and Future Sonics announced Thursday a joint agreement to develop and market advanced consumer earphones and earphone products.

The first product to be released will feature newly developed audio technologies in a new earphone form, and will feature co-branding of both companies on the product.

The companies gave no timeline for the release a new product or series of products.

"We feel very strongly that XtremeMac is the appropriate teammate and anexcellent vehicle for our designs and technologies," Marty Garcia,president of Future Sonics, said in a prepared statement. "We have worked very long and hard to respond tothe input we have received from consumers who have discovered our products foruse with their iPods, laptops and home studios as well as our professionalmusicians, engineers and broadcasters."

Under the terms of the agreement, XtremeMac will exclusively market anddistribute new products developed in cooperation with Future Sonics and using their proprietary technologies. For Future Sonics, this partnership follows several OEM product offerings in the professional audio market with companies like Sennheiser, Crest and others.