YML Tonight: Corel and Mike Bombich

Your Mac Life (YML), with Shawn King, which airs every Wednesday night, will feature a discussion with Corel about Painter Essentials 4 as well as a chat with Appleis Mike Bombich who has just released a new version of Carbon Copy Cloner, CCC 3.0.

Lucky listeners will have a chance to win a copy of Painter Essentials 4, Apple stock worth at least US$205 and two 4 GB iPod nanos.

Lesa will have her iStockphoto.com Tip of the Week while Peter Cohen of Macworld will have "The Big Story".

Mr. King told TMO "that the nice folks at SmileOnMyMac are firing up a new contest, too - iHow Does Your Mac Make You Smile?i Answer this question and you could win the new iPod nano! SmileOnMyMac is giving away up to five iPod nanos for the best answers to this question. Tune in Wedneday evening to hear how you can enter."

YML is videocast each Wednesday night from 5:30 PM to 8:00 PM Pacific Time or from 8:30 PM to 11:00 PM Eastern Time. An audio only version only is also available.

MacFormat UK has named "Your Mac Life" one of the Top Ten Podcasts in the World.