YML Tonight: The Malcor Hoax

Your Mac Life (YML), with Shawn King, which airs every Wednesday night, will feature a discussions about recent Intenet Website hacking hoaxes related to Malcor as well as a chat with the folks at Toon Boom whoive developed "Flip Boom" an educational app for children.

"Several Web sites few have ever heard of suddenly became well known in the past few weeks because they claimed to have been hacked by iMalcori. In what can only be described as a stupid stunt gone wrong, Apple Matters has fessed up that it was all a hoax. Why would anyone do something so idiotic? Tune in Wednesday evening to find out," Mr. King said.

In addition, Mr. King will have some folks from Toon Boom to chat about animation. "Animation is supposed to be difficult, right?" Mr. King continued. "Well, the folks at Toon Boom donit think so. Theyive come out with Flip Boom, a free-form animation application that teaches kids the notions of timing and motion."

Lesa is on this week with her iStockphoto.com Graphic Tip of the Week and Peter Cohen of Macworld will have "The Big Story".

YML will have thousands of dollars worth of Macworld 2008 passes to give away Mr. King noted.