Yared: Apple Shares to Top $120

Financial analyst Georges Yared expects Apple Inc.is stock to climb past US$120 in the next 12 months thanks to the companyis innovative product line. "Apple has innovation and uniqueness in its product line such as with the iPod and the upcoming iPhone," he said at Blogging Stocks. "Apple can therefore protect its pricing models and its margins."

Mr. Yared points out that Appleis software and improving Mac lineups will help to drive earnings momentum and a strong margin. He also called Appleis computer market share gains "impressive."

He added "If you must have exposure to the hardware space, Dell and Hewlett Packard are not the stellar investments they once were while Apple has massive leverage and momentum in place. I think the choice is clear."

Apple stock is currently trading at $91.16, up 1.57 (1.75%).

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