Yeald: Apple is Single Biggest Force in Future Music Sales

Investment site Yeald has published an editorial by its CEO, Marcel van Leeuwen, in which Mr. van Leeuwen makes the case that "Apple is the single biggest force in future music sales and distribution." From the article:

Steve Jobs already has rock star status, you canit get any hipper than iPod/iTunes and even The Beatles named their record label after Apple. What more proof do you need?

Now that iTunes has sold more than 150 million songs and installed service for Europeis major markets, the number of 1 billion songs sold certainly isnit hypothetical any more.

This makes Apple the single biggest force in future music sales and distribution.

Note that the comment about The Beatles is a joke, and that popular mythology has it the other way around, with Steve Jobs wanting to use "Apple" because of The Beatles.

Mr. van Leeuwen goes on to make the case that Apple will be able to leverage that, as well as such bonuses as exclusive Pixar movie trailers, to become a force in video downloads.

You can find the full article at Yealdis Web site.