YouSendIt Announces SiteDrop

LAS VEGAS, NV -- YouSendIt demonstrated SiteDrop at this weekis New Media Expo, a service that allows a Web siteis visitors to upload files to that Web site without leaving the site or using a standalone application. YouSendItis main service is allowing people to transmit any file, including large files, to one another without using e-mail or other traditional FTP tools.

Robyn Hannah, Marketing Communications Manager, gave us some details on SiteDrop from the floor of NME.

SiteDrop allows users to upload files without leaving your web site, and without using a stand-alone application or plugin. SiteDrop allows you to easily embed the YouSendIt file upload functionality into your Web site and receive files from other in your YouSendIt inbox.

Site owners control the entire user experience, both before and after the upload, and because itis embedded directly in the Web site, the branding is 100% in control of the site owner. SiteDrop can be added to Business Plus and Corporate Suite Accounts. Pricing starts at $29.99/month or $299/year for 100 download transactions each month (in addition to subscription fees).

YouSendIt was also showing several new plug-ins which integrate YouSendIt with popular applications. The most recent application support includes Acrobat (beta), Microsoft Office (beta), Final Cut Pro and iPhoto.