You Can Be 'Big Brother' With An OS X Version Of Spector

Spectorsoft is now shipping an OS X version of the app Spector. Spector is a utility designed for taking screen shots for Internet monitoring. The app takes routine screen shots for later viewing and allows a user to see what has been occuring on a computer when not around. According to Spectorsoft:

Spectorsoft, the worldwide leader in Internet Monitoring and Surveillance Software, has begun shipment of Spector for OS X, the first such software for the Mac OS X platform.

Spector works by automatically taking periodic screen shots of a PowerPC-based Macintosh and saves those screenshots to a local or network drive for later viewing. Screenshots can be taken as often as every few seconds, or as infrequently as once every few minutes.

Spector is ideal for consumers and corporations alike. Consumers now have the ability to see exactly what their children or spouse do on their computer when they cannot be around. Corporations and educational institutions can make sure their employees and students are using their computers appropriately.

You can find more information about the OS X version of Spector at the Spectorsoft Web site. Spector is available for US$99.95.