You Would Be Amazed At What A Couple Idiots Can Do

The Mac gaming community was treated to a new site yesterday when IWS Interactive, better known as Idiots With Sticks, launched their revamped site. IWS, run by The Mac Observeris own Idiots Gary Randazzo and Randy Soare, is best know for their immersive, addicting, and downright cool game, Manattan Apartment Hunter. According to IWS:

IWS Interactive is a premier provider of interactive media. We have designed everything from CD-ROM games and interactive kiosks to Flash-based animation projects and Director-based deliverables for client presentations, trade shows and event giveaways.

Welcome to Manhattan, the greatest city in the world! This is the place where you and your newly betrothed are going to start your life together. There?s just one catch. You have to find an apartment in Manhattan, and that?s no easy task.

Upon arrival in New York, you have to catch up with the realtor and your fiance, already on the search. The apartments are everything from cozy to creepy and everything in between. Each apartment has a story to tell and truth to reveal.

The farther you venture into the city, the more twisted your journey becomes. In the end, you have to save more than a couple bucks on the rent: you must save the entire city from the biggest disaster it has ever faced-and only you can stop it!

You can download the demo of Manhattan Apartment Hunter, as well as find more information about the company, at the IWS Interactive web site.