ZDNet's Somogyi Says Apple Should Think Different Inside Too

ZDNetis Stephan Somogyi doesnit care for the quality of the iBookis built-in modem. In a recent commentary, Stephan Somogyi says he thinks Apple should think more about the insides of the Mac, the iBook in particular, than aesthetically pleasing exteriors. Mr. Somogyi says:

Based on my experiences with the iBookis built-in modem, I do wish Apple would spend a little more money on it. While in Europe recently, I was never able to connect on the first try. It typically took three attempts (and each call is a toll call, unlike free local calls here in the U.S.), which is a rather poor showing. While traveling here in the U.S. recently, connections usually succeeded on the first or second try. But the whole point of using a mobile computer is that I need to be able to use it consistently and reliably on typical phone systems worldwide.

Check out Mr. Somogyiis commentary, then tell us your experiences with Appleis built-in modems.