Zammit Hired Back As Macplay President

Macplay has been busy in the last few months. Since the companyis resurrection in the Fall of 2000, this Mac game developer has been putting together a powerful team of heavy hitters, and has recently named Diane Zammit as the new appointee for the position of president.

Diane Zammit is known for her work as Manager of Worldwide Third Party Distribution for Apple. Previously, she was involved as a key player in the development of Macplay, responsible for bringing us such stellar titles as Descent and Fallout.

"Returning to MacPlay as President is a dream come true," said Zammit. "Strong market conditions preceded MacPlayis resurrection, and now is the perfect time to return." MacPlayis CEO, Ron Dimant, is equally pleased. "We are so fortunate to have Diane joining us," a delighted Dimant enthused. "This is the only role that would convince Diane to leave Apple."

Some of the new titles that Macplay is bringing Mac gamers are Giants: Citizen Kabuto, Icewind Dale, Balduris Gate 2: Shadows of Amn, Fighter Squadron: The Screamini Demons over Europe, Sacrifice, and Starfleet Command Volume II: Empires at War.

You could find more information at the MacPlay Web site, if only it had more than the companyis first press release posted. We have been told to expect changes to the site soon, but no indication as to when that might be.