ZeboPhoto, Aquatint, & Time Track

Todayis Shareware Update roundup features Bobby Cronkhite Softwareis ZeboPhoto 1.5.2, Stick Softwareis Aquatint 1.1, and Trinfinity Softwareis Time Track 2.0.1.

Bobby Cronkhite Software has released an update to its ZeboPhoto software, bringing it to version 1.5.2. ZeboPhoto is an image viewing and editing solution for Mac OS X written with REALBasic. The new version adds a manual mode for slideshows, fullscreen mode for multi-picture slideshows, better clipboard support, and more. ZeboPhoto 1.5.2 is available now as US$10 shareware from Bobby Cronkhite Software.

Stick Software has announced version 1.1 of its Aquatint image manipulation tool for OS X. Aquatint lets you easily create glossy OS X Aqua-style icons, buttons, and logos. The new version adds many new features, such as simpler stencil creation, precision parameter values with numeric inputs, online version checking, a Preferences panel, and more. Aquatint is available now from Stick Software as US$15 shareware (US$50 for commercial users).

Trinfinity Software has updated its Time Track software to version 2.0.1. The new version of the time tracking software fixes three bugs, including a bug that would prevent Time Track from recognizing log files if they didnit use the US date and time format. Time Track 2.0.1 is available for Mac OS 8 & 9, Mac OS X, Windows 98/NT/2000/XP, and Palm OS. A single user license is available for US$24.95. Registered users of version 1.x can upgrade for US$15.