ZeboPhoto Updated With Interface Additions

Bobby Cronkhite Software has released an update for ZeboPhoto, bringing it to version 1.2. ZeboPhoto is an image utility designed for viewing and editing. The update features several enhancements including new interface additions and bug fixes. According to ZeboPhoto:

Bobby Cronkhite Software announces the release of version 1.2 of ZeboPhoto, its popular image viewer/editor made with REALbasic.

ZeboPhoto is a utility for viewing and editing images conveniently.

Images are displayed without borders or enclosing windows, so as to give them a clean look on the screen. Effects are simply executed and quickly displayed. Also included is a handy basic word processor.

Whatis new in this version:

  • Added a column style file browser window
  • Added a preview canvas to browser
  • Added Show Invisible Files box to browser
  • Added Make File Visible/Invisible buttons to browser
  • Added Relaunch Finder button to browser
  • Added file information for filename, file size, image size, image resolution, Zebo file type, MacType, visibility, creation date, modification date, locked status, and creator to browser
  • Added move to trash and delete functions to browser
  • Added browser window information to Help menu


  • Preview button in RGB Adjustment window replaced with checkbox for more intuitive functionality
  • Readjusted Image Effects menu item order

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed misbehavior in RGB Adjustment window when changing a slideris value
  • Fixed (OS 9.x) Incorrect filename sometimes displayed in Save Changes window when saving an image or document
  • Fixed incorrect behavior and possible crash when closing Lissajous Creations window with unsaved data
  • Fixed misbehavior in Window menu after choosing "Cancel" from a Save As dialog

You can find more information about the Zebophoto update at the Bobby Cronkhite Software Web site. ZeboPhoto 1.2 is free for registered users, while the full version is available as donationware.