Zeus Brings New Web Server To OS X

Zeus Technology has ported their industrial strength web server, Zeus Web Server, to Mac OS X. The Zeus Web Server is targeted for high-end use, offering incredible speed and flexibility for medium to large Web sites. According to Zeus Technology:

Zeus Technology today announced support for Mac OS X, Appleis next generation operating system. Zeus Web Server is in deployment by industry-leading companies such as eBay, Hewlett-Packard and Sprint, among many others, has been repeatedly benchmarked as the worldis fastest Web server platform and is the engine at the core of Zeusi solutions for mission-critical, Web-enabled business.This marks Zeusi first foray into the Mac OS market and completes the companyis existing software portfolio support for all major versions of the UNIX and Linux operating systems. Zeusi flagship corporate enterprise product, the Zeus Web Server is currently available in beta for Mac OS X with final availability scheduled for 2nd quarter, 2001.

"We are tremendously impressed by the robustness of Mac OS X and the intuitive user interface that Apple has created for it, as opposed to the traditional command-line of UNIX this is a similar philosophy to Zeusi user-friendly administration interface across our UNIX and Linux product line," said Adam Twiss, founder and CEO of Zeus Technology. "We believe that Mac OS X is ripe for the kind of enterprise-level software that Zeus provides, - we are looking forward to delivering more great solutions for mission-critical Web serving applications on the Mac."

The Zeus Web Server (ZWS) is the worldis most scalable, high performance Web server software, providing solutions for content providers, ISP hosting, intranets and secure e-commerce with comprehensive commercial support. Product features include:

  • Commercial grade, commercially supported.
  • Performance and Scalability - ZWS has dominated industry benchmarks for the last five years and can handle hundreds of thousands of simultaneous connections.
  • Easy to use - The combination of an intuitive Web-based interface, support for clustered configuration, and centralized user management make the Zeus Interface the ideal platform for easily administering complex distributed infrastructure configurations.
  • Hosting Capabilities - Zeus Web Server is designed to scale to support huge numbers of virtual servers and enormous transaction rates. ZWS is the best choice for ISPs who need volume hostingsolutions.
  • API Support & Integration - Zeus supports more open-standard APIs than any other Web server software, including Microsoft FrontPage, FastCGI, Java Servlets and native PHP/Zend support,among many others
  • Security - Zeus Web Server supports the very latest, most powerful techniques for safeguarding the security of information, including 128-bit Verisign security certificate purchasing and built-in support for hardware crypto acceleration.
  • Clustering support - Zeus Web Server has been designed with clustering capabilities from the outset. It has unique provisioning and management, capabilities which make hosting Web server farms quicker and easier.

The Zeus Web Server is expected to be available in the second quarter of 2001 for US$1,699. You can find more information at the Zeus Technology Web site.