Zoom H4 Firmware Updated To Support Leopard

Toda y ZOOM Corporation released firmware version 2.10 for their H4 Portable Digital Recorder (sold in the US by Samson), which resolves an issue that prevented Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard users from using the device as a USB card reader. This is right on the heels of Firmware update version 2.00, which made quite a few significant changes, including:
  • A larger display font
  • Battery indicator
  • Recordable time left indicator
  • File Dividing function to create separate files for each song from a single, long recording
  • Low-Cut filter to help reduce wind and breath noises
  • MP3 post-encoding to convert recorded WAVs to MP3s
  • Auto-recording function to start/stop recordings based on sound input levels
  • Normalize Function
Version 2.10 -- along with a supplemental manual in PDF format -- is available from the ZOOM H4 software update page.