Zoom H4 Firmware Updated To Support Leopard

Today ZOOM Corporation released firmware version 2.10 for their H4 Portable Digital Recorder (sold in the US by Samson), which resolves an issue that prevented Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard users from using the device as a USB card reader. This is right on the heels of Firmware update version 2.00, which made quite a few significant changes, including:
  • A larger display font
  • Battery indicator
  • Recordable time left indicator
  • File Dividing function to create separate files for each song from a single, long recording
  • Low-Cut filter to help reduce wind and breath noises
  • MP3 post-encoding to convert recorded WAVs to MP3s
  • Auto-recording function to start/stop recordings based on sound input levels
  • Normalize Function
Version 2.10 -- along with a supplemental manual in PDF format -- is available from the ZOOM H4 software update page.