Zoomify Support In LiveStage Professional

Totally Hip Software has announced Zoomify support within LiveStage Professional. Zoomify is a Web based image tool designed with a QuickTime 5 component for high-res image viewing. The Zoomify format ships ready for integration into over 200 different types of media formats. According to Totally Hp Software:

Totally Hip Software Inc. announces support for Zoomify within LiveStage Professional. Zoomify brings a unique image streaming technology to QuickTime 5 that enables rapid initial display of images and on-demand viewing of fine details, regardless of image size.

With its new QuickTime plug-in, Zoomify will transform the way images are viewed on the Internet. With this new QuickTime component, users can interactively explore high-resolution images over the Internet. Even viewers with dial-up connections can quickly view Zoomify images. Zoomifyis support for QuickTime wired actions has enabled Totally Hip Software to integrate the Zoomify format with over 200 other media types and formats including video, VR, and Flash.

You can find more information about Zoomify at the Totally Hip Software Web site. LiveStage Professional is available for US$900.00.