Just Bookit Danno: Bookit 3.1.2 Gets Mozilla And Safari Enhancements

Everyday Software has released an update for Bookit, bringing it to version 3.1.2. Bookit is a bookmark management app with support for several different browsers. The update features Safari and Mozilla enhancements as well as bug fixes. According to Everyday Software:

Everyday Software releases Bookit 3.1.2.

Bookit is a unique bookmark management solution, it compares the bookmarks you have and synchronizes the bookmarks that are not in all of your browsers. Bookit will then create identical bookmark files for each browser.

The update is primarily a maintenance release designed to fix bugs that crept up in version 3.1.x.

New changes include: support for Mozilla 1.3b, improved Safari support, and other internal changes. The update is recommend for all users of Bookit 3.1.

You can find more information about the Bookit update at the Everyday Software Web site. Bookit 3.1.2 is available for US$12.00.