Software Development App For OS X Released

Runtime Revolution has released an update for Revolution, bringing it to version 1.1. Revolution is a software development tool designed for OS X. The new version has over 80 performance enhancements including cross-platform database access and improved QuickTime support. According to Runtime Revolution:

Runtime Revolution today announced the launch of Revolution 1.1, a native Mac OS X application development system that offers cross-platform database access and enhanced multimedia support for QuickTime.

Revolution 1.1 leverages the speed, power and ease of use of Mac OS X to present over 80 improvements and new features including:

  • Native Mac OS X support
  • Cross-platform access to ODBC, Oracle and MySQL databases
  • Extended support for Internet protocols such as FTP
  • Seamless integration with Appleis state-of-the- art QuickTime multimedia technology, including support for streaming media, sound recording and transition effects
  • PNG alpha channels and blends

You can find more information about Revolution at the Runtime Revolution Web site. Revolution 1.1 is available starting at US$349.00.