AAPL Tops $318 for New Closing High

| Apple Stock Watch

Apple’s shares hit a new closing high yet again on Monday. The Mac and iPhone maker’s stock landed at US$318.62 when the closing bell rang, and has been climbing in pre-market sales on Tuesday.

The company’s intra-day value has climbed as high as $320.18, although it hasn’t been able to stay quite that high yet at closing. Apple’s market cap is currently sitting at $292.3 billion.

The company’s current product lineup, which includes recently updated iMacs, the second generation MacBook Air, the iPhone 4 and fourth generation iPod touch, along with the iPad, is proving popular with customers and investors. Apple also recently offered a peak into what’s planned for Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion), and analysts are expecting new iPad models soon.

Apple is trading in the pre-market at $321.15, up 2.53 (0.79%).

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Lee Dronick

It is currently $320, I wonder what it will close at today.


I can’t believe all these dumb Apple sheep can’t see that Steve has brought the company to the brink of ruin. Unless Apple fires him, they’re doomed. I mean, the iOS ecosystem is totally closed, he won’t even let Flash run on iOS devices, he quit shipping Flash with Macs, he’s cancelled the XServe so he obviously doesn’t care about the enterprise market anymore, and he can’t work with any content partners because he’s too hard to get along with.

So doomed.



Yes. And to think that I bought 455 share of Apple many splits/years ago at around $15. Stupid investment. wink


According to the article: analysts are expecting new iPad models soon.

Really? How’s mid April 2011 for “soon”, analysts?

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