Abas Intros Made to Order Leather iPad Cases

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Abas Digital Life introduced its new Abas Digital Life leather cases for the iPad, iPhone, and other electronic devices on Sunday. The company claims it can complete, ship and deliver its cases within days of order.

The company’s iPad case offerings include the Tabbed Folio and Simple Sleeve, and the Fashion Shell Case and Sleeve Case for the iPhone 3G and 3GS.

Tabbed Folio for iPad

The cases are available in several colors and leather types including crocodile.

The Tabbed Folio is priced at US$160, the Simple Sleeve costs $120, the Fashion Shell Case costs $36, and the Simple Sleeve is priced at $30. All of the cases are available at the Abas Digital Life Web site.




Killing animals to cover up the iPad…. just to be fashionable?

Isn’t that just against Apple’s environmental policy?

I think I will just still with my recyclable synthetic sleeves.

It will probably weigh less too.

Then again…. I guess Macobserver.com needs advertisers.


Fashionable or not—I want mine out of endangered Ballmer-skin:

Thick, impervious to reason, long-lasting,,, and from recent observations, endangered.

Yeah, I’ll buy them all.  Wait, I wonder if they make a smell as they rot? And will they leave a blue stain on everything.



Take a look at: http://aligata.com/ . Handmade, genuine leather cases for iPad.

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