ActyMac DutyWatch 1.0 Spies On Your Employees

| Product News

ActyMac announced the release of DutyWatch 1.0 on Wednesday. This employee monitoring software for Mac OS X records and logs everything your employees do including recording keystrokes, website visits, chats, employee emails and screenshots.

DutyWatch 1.0 is invisible to your employees. It runs silently and unobtrusively while logging everything that happens on their computers. DutyWatch automatically takes hundreds of snapshots every hour to monitor what employees are doing on the computer and Internet.

Charts and Graphics show all Application and Keyboard usage.

ActyMac DutyWatch is available for US$99.95 for a Single License, and can be downloaded directly from the ActyMac website.






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Creepy. Boy if your employer is using this, he/she/it has zero trust in their employees and you should bail. Seems like this would only be useful for highly secure environments. Neat but creepy.


I hate to see this kind of software available because it and others like it will be just another tool that will be pirated and installed by malware to capture our private info.

I hate to say it but the fear factor is definitely rising for me on the Mac platform. While I have no plans to switch to the dark side I would like to see Apple put some serious work into helping protect our systems.

I manage Windows servers (not PCs) at work and Microsoft’s DEP (Data Execution Prevention) feature has saved our bacon at least a couple of times now until we could get our servers patched.

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