Adobe Creative Cloud Bug Deletes Files Without Permission

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Adobe Creative Cloud users were in for a surprise after installing a recent update: files from their Macs were deleted without any warning or request for permission. Adobe pulled the update, but not before many Mac users unexpectedly lost files.

Warning! Creative Cloud bug could delete files without permissionWarning! Creative Cloud bug could delete files without permission

The bug deletes the contents of the hidden folder that's alphabetically first on user's hard drive when they log into Creative Cloud. In some cases, that folder holds system-critical files, or in the case of Backblaze subscribers, the data used to keep track of which drives and files get backed up.

According to Adobe, the problem started with Creative Cloud version, which isn't available while the company digs into what's happening.

If you've already installed the update and need to sign into Creative Cloud one workaround to avoiding the deleted files issue is to create a root level hidden folder with a name like ".aa" for the bug to target instead.

To create the hidden directory, copy and paste the command below into the Terminal app, then press Return:

sudo mkdir /.aa

You'll be asked for your administrator account password to complete the process. Once done, Creative Cloud will try to delete the contents of your brand new decoy folder instead of folders that may hold critical data.

Backblaze has additional information for its users in a knowledge base article.

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Sailor HG

I’m no expert here, but I believe Unix sorts filenames based on their ASCII values. That would put the .DocumentRevisions-V100 folder on my hard drive alphabetically *before* any .aa decoy directory. At least that proves true when issuing the “ls -A1” command. Probably better to use a folder name of .00 (those are zeroes, not oh’s) instead.


For those of us that don’t know where to find such a file, how would we locate a hidden file to see what the folders contains or did contain?

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