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Adobe's Creative Cloud subscription service took a nose dive on Wednesday, and isn't getting any better yet. Users around the world haven't been able to access the service, and while Adobe is working on the problem, there isn't any word yet on when the problem will be resolved.

Adobe Creative Cloud service failure impacting users around the worldAdobe Creative Cloud service failure impacting users around the world

Creative Cloud is the subscription service Adobe introduced to replace the traditional perpetual license system it previously used to sell Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, and its other design apps. With the Creative Cloud model, users download the apps they need -- except for now because the service is offline.

Most subscribers have been able to continue using the apps they already downloaded, but until CC is back up and running, they can't download other apps through the service for now. The apps need to occasionally phone home to confirm their license is current, and right now that can't happen, either. Subscribers who are finding themselves locked out of the apps have to disconnect their computer from the Internet and switch to app demo mode to continue working while Adobe sorts out what's happening.

Adobe's System Status page for Creative Cloud currently shows problems with app downloads, files on the Web, purchases and upgrades, as well as syncing files, fonts and settings. Users can't log into their Creative Cloud accounts or manage their subscriptions, either.

Creative Cloud has been a point of contention for many Adobe customers who feel they're getting the raw end of the deal by having to pay each month to use their apps, and this outage will no doubt get used as an example of what a mistake the company made. For many CC users, however, their apps are still working and it's business as usual despite the outage.

Adobe claims to have identified the problem, although at this time isn't offering any timeframe for repairs. "We have identified the cause and are working to restore the service as quickly as possible," the company support site said.

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Cloud services will go down at times, but this is just a big old black eye for Adobe considering how vocal opponents to its software subscription service have been.

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Shannon M Johnson

The problem is WAY MORE extensive than the inconvenience of “sign-in” being affected as generally reported in very limited media reports and in statements from Adobe.
The Adobe FormsCentral system is down, too.
We have several business-critical online forms that we developed, manage and maintain in the cloud-based Adobe FormsCentral system. They are linked through our websites and accessed by our clients/users nationwide for functions crucial to our business.
For nearly 24 hours, now, we are not only unable to log in and access all of our forms, but all of our users are encountering a dead end when they click the links to utilize the forms. Virtually all of the use of those forms is in the form of first-contact with clients and recruits who can easily opt to go to our competitors when they find they are unable to submit quote requests, pre-qualifications, and applications.
All Adobe seems able to do is Tweet, a “Stay Tuned” update as if a Saturday morning cartoon has been interrupted for 45 seconds. Adobe, your customers/users/subscribers consider this matter worthy of more substance than “Stay Tuned” ...


The cloud is great except when it isn’t. There’s far too many things that can interrupt the connection between my computer and wherever the cloud is to trust it with mission critical apps.


IT/Purchasing at our University still will not allow anyone to utilize any subscription service that requires monthly payments so we are basically end-of-life at CS6. CC upgrades never seemed to substantial to care and now I care even less.


Adobe cut loose us ‘upgrade as needed’ types ..CS5 here.  The way I see it, they actually saved me money.  I’m still only ankle deep in CS5… and have older PSHP on other computers in case they try and Bug-F me.

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