Adobe goes Mobile with New Creative Cloud Updates

Adobe rolled out a collection of new and updated apps for the iPhone and iPad on Monday that make mobile devices a bigger part of your design process. Adobe's iPad app parade let you create graphics on your iPad and easily transfer them to Photoshop and Illustrator on your Mac through your Creative Cloud account.

Adobe's new Brush app turns your photos into Illustrator and Photoshop brushesAdobe's new Brush app turns your photos into Illustrator and Photoshop brushes

Photoshop Sketch

Adobe updated and renamed Adobe Sketch as Photoshop Sketch, and like its predecessor is a drawing app that also supports the company's own pressure sensitive Ink stylus.

Photoshop Mix

Adobe's image manipulation app with layers support gained an iPhone version, and now Photoshop Mix offers better Photoshop integration.

Illustrator Line

Adobe Line is now Illustrator Line, a vector-based drawing app for the iPad. Like Photoshop Sketch, it supports the Ink pressure sensitive stylus.

Illustrator Draw

Adobe Ideas has been repurposed as Illustrator Draw, which is also a vector drawing app with Adobe Ink stylus support, but offers an interface better suited for casual drafting and more professional line-based drawing needs.

Premiere Clip

Video editors are finally getting some iPad and iPhone love from Adobe thanks to the new Premiere Clip app. The app offers basic video editing tools and you can send your projects to Premiere on your Mac or Windows PC via your Creative Cloud account.

Edit videos on your iPad with Premiere Clip, then send your projects to your MacEdit videos on your iPad with Premiere Clip, then send your projects to your Mac

Adobe Brush

Now you can turn photos into custom brushes for Photoshop and Illustrator with the new Adobe Brush app. You can snap photos with your iPhone's built-in camera, or grab photos from your image library.

Adobe Shape

Anything you can capture with your iPhone's camera, or any image in your photos library, can become a vector object thanks to Adobe Shape. You'll need at least an iPhone 5 to use Shape.

Adobe Shape turns images into vector artAdobe Shape turns images into vector art

Adobe Color

Kuler, Adobe's color picker app, has been renamed Adobe Color. Like its predecessor, it lets you build custom color palettes from your photos, and then share them with apps like Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.

Adobe's new apps make it clear the company sees mobile as a big player in the design world, and that capturing content on the go for projects is something graphics pros are interested in. The company also released an SDK, albeit in beta form, to developers so they can tap into Creative Cloud features in their own apps.

Like the now rebranded Line and Sketch apps, Adobe's lineup requires a Creative Cloud account and an active Internet connection. If you're missing either, you won't be able to use the new app collection.

Adobe's new design and capture apps for the iPhone and iPad are free and available at Apple's iTunes-based App Store.