Adobe Apollo: Platform Independent Applications

Adobe introduced an alpha version of Apollo, a runtime and development environment for cross-platform applications, on Monday. Apollo allows developers to use HTML, JavaScript, Ajax, Flash, and Flex to develop platform independent applications that function outside of Web browsers just like any other desktop application.

Fresh: An Apollo-based RSS reader.

Kevin Lynch, Adobeis senior vice president and chief software architect, commented "RIAs (rich Internet applications) have become a core element of todayis web computing experience. Weire working to enable this new generation of innovative applications to bridge the chasm between the web and the personal computer. Apollo will empower millions of web developers to make their RIAs first-class citizens on the desktop using the tools they already know."

Apollo includes a free SDK that can be used with any Integrated Development Environment packages that supports Flash, Flex, HTML, or JavaScript. It also includes a runtime application that allows Apollo-based apps to function on Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows. Linux support is planned, but is waiting on core Flash Player support to be completed.

The alpha versions of the Apollo runtime application and SDK are available as free downloads at the Adobe Labs Web site. Final versions are scheduled to be released later this year.