Adobe Warns Users of Active Flash Exploit

Adobe issued a warning on Tuesday to alert Flash users that an exploit has been discovered that’s being actively used to take over victim’s computers. The exploit affects Mac and Windows users, along with Linux and Solaris, and Android OS devices.

Flash: The ongoing security saga.Adobe is working to patch an active Flash security flaw

According to Adobe, attackers are embedding a maliciously crafted SWF file in Excel spreadsheet documents delivered as email attachments. Once the Excel document is opened, attackers can potentially take control of the victim’s system.

Acrobat X and Adobe Reader 10.0.1 and earlier are also potentially susceptible to the exploit, but an Adobe security bulletin claims there aren’t any known attacks in the wild.

Adobe Flash Player and earlier, or Flash Player for Chrome users, is impacted by this flaw. A fix is on the way, but Adobe doesn’t expect to have the patch available for a week.