Adonit Joins Creative Cloud with Jot Touch with Pixelpoint

Adonit gave the Jot Touch pressure sensitive stylus a smaller tip and Adobe Creative Cloud support on Wednesday, adding to the iPad stylus news for the day. The new Jot Touch with Pixelpoint sports a 3.18 mm tip, and can copy and paste content through Creative Cloud, much like Adobe's own Ink and Slide, also announced today and co-developed with Adonit.

Adonit's new Jot Touch connects to Adobe's Creative CloudAdonit's new Jot Touch connects to Adobe's Creative Cloud

Along with its narrow tip, the Jot Touch with Pixelpoint offers 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity and includes two programmable shortcut buttons. It connects to your iPad via Bluetooth 4 and works with a long list of Jot-compatible apps that are already available.

Adonit wasn't the only company with a new stylus launch today. Adobe unveiled its Ink pressure sensitive stylus that uses Creative Cloud to store and retrieve images, and can transfer your art from one iPad to another. Adobe also introduced its Slide ruler for drawing lines, angles and geometric shapes with Ink.

FiftyThree got in on the stylus action this week, too, with the announcement that its Pencil will add new pressure sensitive features this fall when iOS 8 ships. The company will be taking advantage of new controls in the iPhone and iPad operating system, so current Pencil users will get the new features without needing any special upgrades.

The Adonit Jot Touch with PixelPoint s priced at US$119.99. File saving and sharing requires a Creative Cloud account, available for free if you aren't already paying for Adobe's creative app subscription bundle.