AFL-CIO Wants Jobs Off Disney Board

Disney’s annual shareholder meeting is scheduled for March 23, and the AFL-CIO is voting against retaining Apple CEO Steve Jobs on the entertainment company’s board of directors. The organization is against re-electing Mr. Jobs to the board because of the number of meetings he’s missed thanks to his health-related issues, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Steve Jobs on stageApple CEO Steve Jobs speaking at a 2010 media event

Institutional Shareholder Services isn’t keen on retaining Mr. Jobs, either, although the organization isn’t going so far as to advise its clients to vote against him. “Jobs’ poor attendance in three of the past four years, and recent leave of absence from his primary employer, raises questions about his ability to fulfill his responsibilities as a director of the company,” ISS said.

Mr. Jobs has attended less than three quarters of Disney’s board meetings over the past three years, according to ISS.

Mr. Jobs landed a seat on Disney’s board when the company bought Pixar Entertainment. The deal also made Mr. Jobs the single largest shareholder with a 7 percent stake in the company.

Health-related issues have kept Mr. Jobs away from several meetings, according to Disney. He battled pancreatic cancer in 2004, received a liver transplant in 2009, has been on extended medical leave from Apple on more than one occasion, and is currently on medical leave again.

Despite the AFL-CIO vote and the ISS concerns, however, Mr. Jobs is expected to be re-elected to the Disney board of directors.