Aftermarket CarPlay Systems Available Later This Year from Alpine

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Alpine is set to release the first aftermarket console to support CarPlay this fall, according to NikkeiPlans are to release the 7” screen system in the US and Europe first, and the report says it is “likely to cost around US$500-$700.”

For a higher end system, particularly navigation systems with larger screens than regular car stereos, this seems like a good price. A quick search of local car stereo places found that the average in-dash receiver with GPS started at about $649 with a 6” screen. For a larger screen or more features, the price went up quickly.

A rendering of CarPlay's in-dash display.

Alpine's system will require an iPhone 5 or later, as the connection to the system will be via Lightning cable. Once connected, the system will be able to show navigation on the screen and use voice commands to play music or make calls. 

Alpine also has an update available now for select systems to add Eyes Free Mode with Siri.

CarPlay has a number of notable partners such as Ferrari and Mercedes, which is lovely news if that's your auto budget. For mere mortals, 2014 models from Honda and Hyundai will include CarPlay. Ford, Chevy, and Subaru (among others) are listed under "future models from committed partners."

Not to be otudone, Google is currently working with Honda and GM on a similar presumably Android-based version of phone integration.

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This is fantastic news. When Apple showed CarPlay off at the Geneva Motor Show in March, my first question was whether or not this would be an aftermarket feature or something only available to new cars. I’m excited about the possibility, mostly because this way I could actually upgrade and use CarPlay in the car I have, which is a far less expensive upgrade than a new car. It's also far more convenient than my current (vintage 2006) Alpine stereo’s “iPod integration” which is an AUX cable out the back.

I also very much like this trend of a “conduit” device, where the brains of the operation are the iPhone. When new software or hardware is released, new features come automatically. Right now Apple seems to be much faster about software updates than any car manufacturer so if there were a problem, hopefully turnaround time would be a bit faster on having a fix available.

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Now if I could just get it to work with my 2013 Ford’s synch by microsoft edition!


I’m with you marcsten! Ford is in the process of building my 2014 Explorer with MyFordTouch, and I’m going to end up stuck using a kludged together system that doesn’t really work well with my phone.

I’m doubtful that there will be any update in the future, but it would be nice. grin

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