Airlock Auto-locks Macs with iPhone Proximity

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MHA announced the immediate availability of Airlock on Tuesday. Airlock is a Mac OS X application that auto-locks and unlocks your computer based on the proximity of your iPhone or iPod touch.

The application uses Bluetooth to determine your iPhone or iPod touch's location and unlocks your Mac when in range, and relocks your computer when out of range. Other actions can be triggered when coming in range, such as refreshing Web pages, logging into iChat, or taking photos with your Mac's iSight camera.

Airlock requires an Intel-based Mac running Mac OS X 10.5 or higher and an iPhone or iPod touch with built-in Bluetooth support. It is priced at US$7.77 and is available for download at the MHA Web site.


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That’s smart. Will probably drain the battery but it’s a nice idea.

The Pixelated

Doesn’t work so great for me. iPhone & iMac see each other, but can’t connect. Oh well.


Doesn’t this reproduce the long-standing function of BluePhoneElite 2? I guess it’s a lot cheaper though…


This is a really cool idea, but it’s not working properly yet.  Apple should implement something like this that actually works.

Can’t you guys even bother to install it and do a short review before puttitng it on your web site?  You should explain, for example, that the demo period is 3 hours, which you can reenable every three hours (which ends up being a lot more of a hassle than just using the screen saver password.)  Themha only wants $7.77 for the software, which can be run on up to three Macs.  Basic information like this needs to be in the announceement (or at least on the Themha website.)  It’s ridiculous to leave your potential customers in the dark about such basic details.

There is nothing to install on your iPod/iPhone, just turn on bluetooth if it’s not already on.

I uninstalled it (tried to at least), but it’s still locking my screen even after uninstalling it and logging out and back in.  I removed the pref pane, of course, but it must have strewn itself all over my startup disk.  There is no uninstall option.

I am going to have to do a complete format and reinstall for Snow Leopard anyhow, but I seriously would not recommend this software yet.



Go to System Preferences>Security pane. At the top of this pane there will be a checkbox next to “Require password after sleep or screensaver begins”.

Uncheck this, and you will be good to go. A full reinstall of OS X is practically NEVER necessary.

Joenel Umal

Cool thing!, I wish I still have my iphone… :-(

Another cool thing is that the Airlock and run apps upon entering the proximity range and run other apps upon out-of-range.. It’s linda like the wireless key used in modern BMW cars..

How bout letting your mac play a greeting sound or prompt whenever your near enough. OR don’t use it as a locking device, instead use it as a WIFE detector so you can stop flirting online and close your browser upon her proximity. You just need to secretly pair the Airlock with her iPhone.

They just need to fix that bluetooth bug.. I will not sacrifice my clutter free desk just to use this..

Paul Rathey

To uninstall, you have to keep the Pref Pane, open it up, go to the Advanced tab, and press the Uninstall button there.

It will uninstall itself, and remove the pref pane.

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