AirRadar 2 Adds Smart Collections

Koingo Software announced the immediate availability of AirRadar 2.0 on Thursday. The new version of the Wi-Fi network detection and tracking application for Mac OS X added the ability to refine wireless network search criteria into groups, or Smart Collections.

AirRadar 2.0

The Smart Collections feature lets users search for networks that fall within specific parameters, such as networks with generic SSID names, or only 802.11g or n networks. Version 2.0 also includes a redesigned user interface, and adds Apple Keychain compatibility.

AirRadar can gather Wi-Fi network information such as broadcast rate, cipher type, and beacon interval, can graph network strength, and auto-join open networks with strong signals.

AirRadar 2.0 is priced at US$19.95 and is available for download at the Koingo Software Web site.