AirView Turns Any iOS Device Into an AirPlay Receiver

| App Store

Developer Clement Vasseur on Tuesday saw his handy app AirView appear on the App Store. The free utility turns any iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch into an AirPlay receiver that can stream video from one iOS device to another, or from iTunes. Music and photo streaming isn’t supported, however.

MacStories broke the news of the app’s release by saying: “AirView is a neat little app that we guess Apple will soon remove from the App Store.” Apple has a history of approving apps and then yanking them from the App Store with no warning. Typically, that happened when the company decides the app was in violation of the rules developers must abide by when submitting their software to the online store.

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Rivet will let you stream to iOS devices, including photos and music. And from more sources than just iTunes. I don’t think it does iOS to iOS, however.


I’ll be curious to see if it can play DRM’d video streamed from iTunes, so far I haven’t been able to play that through AirPlayer (Mac app, although other video plays fine.

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