Profiles Tim Cook's Childhood in Alabama (with Pictures)

Alabama promotional site has published a great profile of Apple CEO Tim Cook, focusing on his childhood in Robertsdale, Alabama. From it, we learn that Mr. Cook was popular as a kid, meticulous, well liked, and that he served on the yearbook staff as business manager.

Tim Cook

Lookin' Good, Mr. Kott-errr!

"You didn’t go around calling him a nerd," teacher Barbara Davis told "He was just the kind of person you liked to be around. He was a reliable kid. He was always meticulous with his work, so I knew it would be done right."

"He wasn’t one-dimensional," classmate Teresa Prochaska Huntsman (shown below) added. "I didn’t know anybody who didn't like him. He had a great personality."

Tim Cook

Teresa Prochaska Huntsman (Class Valedictorian) and Tim Cook (Class Salutatorian)

Other tidbits from the article include the fact that Tim Cook's first job was delivering newspapers, and that he worked in a restaurant and at a drugstore.

Tim Cook

Tim Cook (front right) and His High School's Yearbook Staff

Perhaps the most touching part of the story is how proud the rural town of Robertsdale is of its "favorite son." According to the article, Mr. Cook goes back to his visit his family in the town during holidays, and how the people of the town close ranks around him to protect his privacy while he's there.

There are many, many more pictures in the full article, as well as a lot more information. Check it out.