Amazon Puts Customers in the Middle of Warner Brothers Dispute

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Amazon is once again putting customers in the middle of a dispute between it and its suppliers; this time the target is Warner Brothers Video. As a result, the New York Times is reporting "The Lego Movie" and other Warner titles are currently unavailable from Amazon with no indication of when that could change.

Want The Lego Movie? Look elsewhere.

As we told you previously, Amazon currently in a standoff with Hachette Publishing, not only posting interminable wait times to get Hachette titles, but then publicly suggesting in customer forums that someone who wants the titles sooner should get them someplace else.

If this is the same situation as with Hachette (which is a presumption at this point, there's no comment from either company), this is one of Amazon's tactics in negotiations with suppliers to get better margins on the items it carries.

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It is possible this will backfire on Amazon. Customers who want the Lego movie this minute will go to a shop that sells it, and not buy anything from Amazon at all. As these weird supply holes show up on Amazon, it might be easier to start shopping elsewhere, and it makes it that much harder to justify paying the shiny new Prime price increase. What makes this a good idea for Amazon anyway? Has Jeff Bezos spent all his free time re-watching The Sopranos on Amazon Video?



Could moviemakers and publishers be withholding shipments to Amazon?

They can’t make money at rock-bottom prices, so neither can Amazon.  Perhaps there’s a flaw in Bezos’ business plan.


Perhaps Mr Bezos is thinking: “Short term pain, long term no competitors” ?

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