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News of Amazon’s impending phone release was reported last week, and now those reports are backed up with photographs from Boy Genius Report. The site has an in-depth report on the as-yet-unnamed device, including notable features such as a 4.7” screen, 720p resolution, and six cameras. Yes, six.

Photo Courtesy of Boy Genius Report

Those reportedly include a 13 megapixel rear camera, one front facing selfie/video chat camera, and four additional cameras that work in conjunction with sensors to create a glasses-free 3D effects, one of the biggest features that differentiates Amazon’s smartphone from others.

These effects are reported to trickle down through the entire system, so wallpapers and app icons will have dimension, and the same methods will be used to create different views in a map app as well as in Amazon’s own stores.

BGR’s sources give a timeline of an announcement in the next couple of months with a release later this summer.

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I’m not surprised Amazon is building a smartphone. I still don’t know how smart a move this will ultimately be for the retailing giant, but I’m not surprised. It makes sense now that Amazon has the larger screen (tablet) market staked out that it would move to a smaller screen to seal the deal on hooking people to its store.

All this business about 3-D is the part I wonder about, especially after the barftastic reception iOS 7's motion feature received from some people, and that was just a bit of parallax that wasn’t visible in every corner of the OS. Imagine if it wasn’t just wallpaper, but Mail and Maps that were making people queasy? Unless Amazon offers a universal OFF switch, it's hard to see how this will work out.

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