Amazon Announces Kindle 2 Ebook Reader

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Amazon introduced the second generation version of its digital book reader, Kindle 2, on Monday. The new version of the ebook device sports a thinner body, an aluminum back, and longer battery life.

Like the original Kindle, Kindle 2 can take advantage of Sprint's EVDO wireless data network to download books, documents, blogs and news, and includes a USB port for connecting to Macs and Windows-based PCs. The new model also includes 2GB of data storage, a 3.5mm headphone jack, and a five-way navigation pad instead of the slide wheel found on the original model.

Amazon also announced that author Stephen King wrote a new novella, Ur, specifically for the Kindle.

The Kindle 2 will be available on February 24 for US$359.

Kindle 2
The Kindle 2 from Amazon

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Bah. Who cares. Can I put a PDF on it that I made? Can I sell a book to someone after I’m done reading it? No? Forget it. An e-Book is in our future, but this DRM hobbled thing ain’t it yet. It’s too expensive to be so limited as well. C’mon Apple, I know you can get it right!


But that is the form factor that I am looking for. The iPhone/iPod Touch are fine but the screen’s too small. Playing movies, playing games, or reading books on an iPT is just not something I want to do. A screen this size though, now you’re talking. A portable device with the capabilities of the iPod Touch with a screen this size would be great. Use the USB port to off load pictures from my camera when I’m on the road and use it as a digital picture frame. The possibilities are exciting


FlipFriddle asks, “Can I put a PDF on it??” According to the video on the link above, yes.

Such a pity Apple didn’t continue with the Newton MessagePad. They were so close to much that we have/need/want today over ten years ago and then dropped it.


Question, who is the real maker of this thing? It looks so much like an Apple device, I’m suspicious! (as in this could have been called an iPad!)

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