Amazon, Google, Dell to Take on iPad With Dell Streak Tablet

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Apple was able to achieve dominance in the MP3 player arena by closely marrying hardware and software, a formula that it has extended to its success with the iPhone and the App Store. As the company gets ready to ship the iPad, the next phase in that evolution, Amazon, Dell, and Google are teaming up on the Dell Streak tablet, which will run the Android OS and have access to 300,000-plus e-books in the Kindle store, more than 11 million songs in Amazon’s MP3 store, and in excess of 50,000 movies and TV shows for rent or purchase.

“Taken together, this mirrors what iTunes offers for Apple devices, giving hardware manufacturers such as Dell a way to kick-start plans to take on the iPad,” noted Wired. The information came from a pair of slides leaked from a Dell presentation and posted at Engadget. The Dell Streak will have 3G wireless access to the Kindle store for free; its form factor is similar to the iPad’s.

And the device is just the tip of the iceberg: ARM executive Roy Chen on Wednesday said during a press meeting in Taipei that more than 50 tablet PC devices will launch around the world this year, according to PC World. He declined to name specific companies, other than Compal Electronics, who had two Android-powered tablet devices on display at the press conference.

The Dell Streak, courtesy of Engadget



Because they’re using Android
Because they are integrated with the Amazon Kindle Store
Because they’re integrated with the Amazon MP3 store
This looks like it might give the iPad legitimate competition.

However, because it’s made by Dell I’m not really that worried. If any company can take a decent looking product and screw it up it’s Dell.


Success is determined by one thing only: the ability to wean prospective customers from iTunes.  For insight on how easy that is, go ask Yahoo and Microsoft about Google search.


Is it available in brown? <G>

Lee Dronick

Is it available in brown?

Am I the only one who liked the brown Zune? Seriously I thought that it wasn’t bad and would complement a business suit more than some candy colored thing. My only criticism of the brown Zune was the horrid green trim, they should have used a bronze or brushed brass looking trim.

Speaking of colored streaks I wonder if Dell will expand the “lollypop” commercial.


That thing has 800 x 480 pixels according to the callout in the illustration. That is definitely fishing in the shallows—for reasons of cost, size, and bandwidth I have to assume.


Q What’s brown and sounds like a bell?
A Dunggggggggg!

-Monty Python

Sorry, feeling very silly today…


My eyes are going. I though it said the Dell Steak!

Lee Dronick

My eyes are going

There is an app for that smile

Yes, I could see how it could be misread as Steak.


Big problems It is Dell and there is no App Store.


I’m used to Dell producing crap, but making “brown Streaks”... that’s just too much! :D


Well, let’s see.  Dell will make the hardware; Google will provide the Android OS; and Amazon will supply the content.  Three major companies, each with their own agendas, not all of which are complementary and some of which are competing.  Google will get the fat, if not the fattest, piece, which is ad revenue; Amazon will sell content, but the iTunes Store puts a price ceiling on that;  Amazon will also get traffic coming to its site, but I don’t know that will generate much cross selling of other products; and Dell gets the hard life and meager profits of competing against all the other Android tablets in selling hardware.  That sound like a dog’s dinner of a device.


Aftermac wins one Internet for that post!

Dean Lewis

Can’t wait for Dell to hire Ray Stevens as Streak spokesman:

“Oh, yes, they call him the Streak
Look at that, look at that
He likes to show off his physique
Look at that, look at that
If there’s an audience to be found
He’ll be streakin’ around
Invitin’ public critique”


Swearing a blue streak
Leaving a brown streak
Running away like a yellow streak
Is there any connotation for the word streak that’s positive?

Worst Name Ever

The advertising ideas for Dell’s competitors are just too numerous. Any copywriter worth his wage would be able to make this the laughingstock of the computer industry.


The display is not only 800 x 480 but only 5”, vs the iPad’s 10” screen—and it doesn’t have USB! (That’s a common whine about the iPad.)



Streak of light!
Streak of inspiration!

None are applicable to Dell.  Dell = Dull

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