Amazon Intros Kindle Touch ebook Reader [Update]

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Amazon used its Wednesday morning media event to unveil its new Kindle Touch ebook reader. The new Kindle model ships with the E-Ink display used in previous models, but adds an IR touch-based interface, and weighs 7.5 ounces.

Kindle Touch

Kindle Touch
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The Kindle Touch includes an “X-Ray” feature that lets users drill deeper into books to find people mentioned, interesting phrases, and more. The feature takes advantage of Shelfari to find additional information about the content users search.

Amazon said the Kindle Touch offers a two-month battery life, and that page turns in books are managed by taps instead of swipes. It also foregoes any buttons on the front of the device and instead uses only on-screen taps for controls.

Kindle Touch

Kindle Touch, with its light on

Amazon has priced the Kindle Touch at US$99 for the ad-supported model. The ad-free version costs $139. It will ship on November 21, and Amazon is not taking pre-orders.

The Wi-Fi plus 3G version is priced at $149 with ads, and $189 without ads.

[Updated with additional product details.]


Ross Edwards

NOW you’re talking!  Screw the Kindle Fire… who needs another garbage Android tablet?... but a touch Kindle with e-ink is going to be fantastic.  THIS is the correct tool for the job, if the job is e-reading.

The wife’s iPad 2 is still new enough to have her attention, but I’m pretty sure when I get home tonight, I’m going to be instructed as to her (December) birthday wishes.


I could easily see acquiring a touch ereader in addition to my iPad.  There are many places I’d rather not take my ~$800 iPad, that I wouldn’t mind taking my ~$140 Kindle.

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