Amazon Releases Kindle for Mac Public Beta

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Amazon released a public beta version of its Kindle ebook reader application for Mac OS X late on Wednesday. The application lets users read Kindle-compatible ebooks, and synchronizes bookmarks and last page read information with their Kindle and the Kindle app for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

The Mac version of the Kindle application supports ebook purchasing, multiple font sizes, displaying notes and highlights, and viewing books in color. Amazon plans to add text search support and the ability to edit notes and highlights soon.

Kindle for Mac OS X is free and available for download at the Amazon Web site.



I grabbed it this morning. Intriguing but it has one BIG bug. the first time you start the program there’s a pop-up that asks you to sign in or create your Amazon account. If, as I did you don’t want to do either right then QUIT IS DISABLED. I had to Force Quit it. Later when I had more time I found that you could Continue Without Registering to clear the pop-up and then quit the program but the link is not very obvious.


What a great application. I downloaded it, put in my Amazon email/password.. and now downloaded a book. First one is Sherlock Holmes. I have 37 in archive. Now if this works on the iPad too, what a great present from Amazon and Apple. I am a long time buyer from both, not a fan boy, but you stay with who treats you well I guess. I also have this on the iPhone. It is really fast and sync’s where you left off nicely. I encountered no problems installing or using it.


Why would Amazon release an Intel only version. There thousand’s of PowerPC’s still out there.

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