Amazon Rocks ebook Reader Market with $79 Kindle [Updated]

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Amazon shook up the ebook reader market Wednesday morning with the launch of its new Kindle that’s smaller than previous models, weighs only six ounces and costs only US$79.

The $79 Kindle

The $79 Kindle

The new Kindle is 18 percent smaller than its predecessor, and offers faster performance, too. This model doesn’t, however, include the same touch-based interface that the just announced Kindle Touch offers, nor does it include a keyboard like other Kindle models.

Amazon kept the familiar 6-inch E-Ink display that it uses on other models, along with Wi-Fi support for content syncing, and support for borrowing Kindle ebooks from libraries

The new Kindle is available now. The $79 price point, however, applies only to the ad-supported version of the ebook reader. Without ads, or as Amazon calls it, “without special offers,” the Kindle costs $109.

[Updated with additional product details.]


Ross Edwards

With a touch model available for $30 more, and this being a pure e-reader anyway with iPads already available and in use, I’ll pass.


Thank goodness they offer a version without advertising.

For me at least, saving $40 off the initial purchase price is not worth the immense disadvantage of being stuck with ads for the lifetime of the device.

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