New ‘Mac Pro’ Image Pushed to Mac Sites [Update]

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[Update: Apple announced the real deal on Monday morning, and it turns out the image below wasn't it. Actually, the real Mac Pro does have dual GPUs and Thunderbolt 2, so that part was correct, but the form factor was off and then some. See our full coverage and John Martellaro's analysis for more information. - Editor]

An interesting image of what is supposedly a new Mac Pro was sent to several Mac sites on Sunday, including The Mac Observer. There's no context, there's no additional information, and there's zero track record with the anonymous sender, but it's an interesting image.

A New Mac Pro?

Image Tweeted to TMO & Other Mac Sites

The blurry text in the image says,

Mac Pro

with Dual GPU and Thunderbolt 2

gigantic graphics power and file transfers in a zip

As noted in the caption, the image came to us via a tweet, and it was from a brand new account clearly created with the intent of spreading this image, mcpro456. The sender has not replied to our requests for more information.

As such, we are in no way endorsing this as a bona fide leak, and we further suggest you examine it with a great big bag of salt on hand so that you can take a grain at a time as needed.

But, it's an interesting image. We've been teased by Apple CEO Tim Cook himself that a new Mac Pro would come out in 2013, and another Apple exec reportedly said that it would be worth the wait.

It's 2013, of course, but few are expecting Apple to announce a new Mac Pro at the company's World Wide Developer Conference, which starts on Monday, June 10th (tomorrow). There has been informed speculation that it is the new Mac Pro that will be built in a new Apple factory in Texas, and building out this new facility is part of the reason we've been waiting so long for a new model.

We mention this because the image appears to be of a webpage. If it is a leaked image from inside Apple, having a webpage mockup to leak suggests an imminent release, but again, this device hasn't been the source of the usual spate of rumors that precedes new Apple products.

Accordingly, it seems much more likely that this is a brilliant mockup by an Apple fan. If so, delivering it as a supposed screenshot is an absolutely genius way of doing so.

On the other hand, it would be pretty darned awesome if it was real. If so, we'll know in less than 24 hours (as of this writing).

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Lee Dronick

Going back to the G4 Cube design?

Bryan Chaffin

If so, I imagine it’s markedly simpler than the Cube.

I’m torn on this image. It has a lot of truthiness to it, but while I want Apple to unveil the new Mac Pro tomorrow, I was of the opinion it would be this fall.

As I noted in the piece, if it’s a fake, it’s a very cleverly conceived, executed, and disseminated fake.

Lee Dronick

A new MacPro announced the Developers Conference would do a lot to improve morale of the professional users, increase interest among the media and the public. It should be an interesting week.

Chris Randazzo

“Gigantic graphics power”? Doesn’t seem like copy I’d see on an NPI from Apple.

Bryan Chaffin

That copy is the most questionable bit, IMO. I don’t fancy the lower case letters at the beginning of each line, either.  The “in a zip” seems sketchy, too.

Good thing I have this bag of salt handy… :/


This is a pretty cool share - thanks Bryan! With the general opinions here, I’m calling BS.

Apple does not use lower case to lead their product slogans, and it’s vaguely non-specific to the product. The features/tech specs/buy now row is missing. The page is strangely wider than the browser controls along the top edge. I’m going to guess this was a cut & paste screen capture, poorly photographed on screen to hide the faulty details.

As for the actual box… it could take some time to research, but right now I’m highly of the opinion that it’s actually some other existing product. with an Apple logo Photoshopped on it. Who knows… could be a tissue box holder.

Adrian Galli

I doubt it. No punctuation. Lower case letters. A bit heavy handed. And Apple doesn’t use words like “zip” for anything. If this is real, I think there is a bunch of marketing people about to get a talking too.


If this were CSI they could take the picture on the web and “photo enhance it” to get the URL on the top of the page and then see if it were real. Then they could “process” the reflection of the computer in the image and extract the face of the person who posted it and then match it with every image on the web to get the identity of the poster. All within 45 minutes.

In reality that’s about as likely as this being true.


Or you could just ask the NSA. wink

Riot Nrrrd™

The Twitter account has already been deleted ... did you examine the image for EXIF information?  Maybe they were dumb and it’s geo-tagged :D

(Funny how the ‘photographer’ couldn’t even take an in-focus picture)


As for the focus, perhaps he was somewhere he wasn’t supposed to be, and needed to be quick.


The first thing that struck me about this image was that it felt very “old”, as in something Apple would’ve done a few years ago. This is mainly because of the text (there are other things.) You have Jony Ive leading the new Apple design with the thin type-face and flat UI meaning no more glare on icons etc. whereas this image completely contradicts that with shiny bold text. In fact, the shine even without Ive still feels very “old” to me. Of course I could be wrong but I’m 99.9% confident that this is fake.


This has “fake” written all over it - in lower case and inappropriate composition.

“gigantic graphics power”  - Come on! The Apple portable gas camping stoves looked more realistic than this.

Bryan Chaffin

To be fair, the camper stoves were actual products. smile



I agree with others regarding the copy: That to me is most suspect. Also, no bookmarks in the Safari browser, plus no standard links above the picture of the Mac Pro: Where’s the “Design” Features” “Performance” “The Environment” “Tech Specs” and “Buy Now” buttons? For that matter, where are additional icons and links at the top of the window, such as Date/Time and Spotlight?

If it is the new Mac Pro, the design is a bit reminiscent of a NeXT Cube, which would be a nice tribute to the late Steve Jobs. But the copy is just awful if this is the real deal. The flagship Mac and all Apple’s crack team of marketers can come up with is that it transfers files in a zip? I don’t think so….


OK, here’s another Devil’s Advocate argument. Perhaps this is a preliminary design of the web page and the designer was just checking his progress so far. I know that when I was constructing web pages years ago, I would check my work as I went to see how well it was advancing, and where I needed to make changes.



I have it on good authority from shadowy sources who will remain nameless (but have a penchant for chain-smoking) that the reason for the blurred image is that this photo was taken with an upgraded but vintage 1936 Minox spycam, developed in a darkroom and then converted to digital imagery - all done by one intrepid agent while he was fleeing the scene with men in black in hot pursuit.

The text is courtesy of Google Translate from the original alien script, which explains the lower case rendering, and uploaded and pushed to all Mac sites on a secure and dedicated 5G network used only by defecting intelligence agents, again by this same agent, as he was being airlifted to safety by Skyhook.

Understandably, you can pardon the graphical omissions.


Oh, and did I mention, this image was shot in Area 51.



Evan Wilson

Looks like we’ve got confirmation from WWDC!

Bryan Chaffin

Dor sure, Evan. Ix-nay on the eenshot-scray. smile


I like it better than the actual cylindrical MPro.

Not that a Mac Pro makes *any* difference to this allosaurus, running OS 10.6.8 on my ‘08 MacBook Pro and occasionally on the ‘06 iMac at home, a 4th gen audio-only iPod, and no cell phone at all.


The Camper Stoves.  I meant a more realistic Apple product, Bryan. Not that they didn’t look like a stove. Brevity gets me again…  wink


Well, they got the color right. (and the dual GPU and thunderbolt 2)


I am STUNNED by how cool the new Mac Pro is. The web page Apple put up for the machine is really impressive also. I really want one of these.


A mockup of a possible enclosure for an expansion chassis?

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