Analyst: Get Ready for a Fast Move to Blend iTunes, Beats Music

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Apple won't take its time to add Beats to its own offerings once the it completes buying the music and headphones company later this year. According to Credit Suisse analyst Kulbinder Garcha, the iPhone and iPad maker will move quickly to add Beats Music into its own streaming music offerings as a way to grow iTunes marketshare.

Apple will likely move fast to roll Beats Music into iTunesApple will likely move fast to roll Beats Music into iTunes

Mr. Garcha said in a statement to shareholders,

With iTunes stores in 123 countries, 425 retail stores, App stores in 155 countries and an army of 800 [million] users, Apple could very quickly scale a music streaming service, given its existing reach and music deals.

Apple already offers iTunes Radio as a streaming music option for iTunes users, iPhone and iPad owners, and Apple TV. Adding Beats' custom curated playlist features to iTunes Radio could help boost the service's popularity among music listeners.

The deal to buy Beats was announced in May and is expected to close before the end of the year. Apple hasn't announced yet what its plans for the company are, but it's a safe bet we'll see Beats Music incorporated into iTunes in some way.

Mr. Garcha is maintaining his "Neutral" rating and target range for Apple's stock between $85.71 and $96. Apple is currently trading at $91.52, up 0.62 (0.68%).

[Thanks to Marketwatch for the heads up]

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Teaming iTunes Radio and Beats Music could make for a powerhouse in the streaming music market. If that's what Apple has planned, Mr. Garcha's prediction is very likely spot on.

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Paul Goodwin

Not sure about the “quickly” part of it. To make any major impact, some real strategic planning needs to be done, and then some development and production work to get it in place. Beats streaming music is just a bit player right now. Apple certainly has the market power, but just another source for music won’t go anywhere.

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