Analyst: Get Ready for Bigger, More Expensive iPhone 6

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Bigger more expensive iPhones coming? We'll see.Apple's next iPhone is coming earlier, and will sport a bigger display and price tag. This, according to Susquehanna Financial Group analyst Chris Caso, is what we have to look forward to in 2014.

Mr. Caso thinks Apple will release a 6-inch display iPhone model in mid 2014 as a necessary move to compete with Samsung's smartphone lineup -- the implication being that the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C are failing to succeed in the smartphone market. Apple's current smartphone lineup uses a 4-inch Retina Display for the iPhone 5S and 5C, and a 3.5-inch display for the iPhone 4S.

According to, he expects Apple will go for a higher price point with the larger screen iPhone, too. Mr. Caso said,

At present, the launch price of iPhone 5S (both subsidized and unsubsidized) is the same as the launch prices for Samsung's Galaxy S series of flagship phones. As such, we think Apple could get away with a $50 to $100 premium for a larger screen size iPhone 6.

Bumping up the screen size would put the iPhone in line with many Android-based smartphones from Samsung, although that extra display real estate would come at a price. As screens get larger, fewer people can use their smartphones one-handed, which is a trait Apple's been touting ever since the original iPhone was released in 2007.

Mr. Caso isn't the only analyst predicting a larger iPhone, although 6-inches is on the high end of expectations. Peter Misek from Jefferies is expecting the the next iPhone model to ship with a 4.8-inch display, which is bigger than what Apple currently offers, but potentially still manageable in one hand.

Apple doesn't comment on unannounced products, although it's reasonable to assume the company does have larger screen iPhones in its secret labs. Whether or not any of those designs ever ship, however, is the big question, and so far Apple hasn't felt consumers need a substantially larger iPhone display.

Apple is currently trading at US$518.49, down 1.06 (0.20%)

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The underlying theme with analysts expecting a larger screen iPhone is that Apple can't compete with Samsung's bigger smartphones. So far, Apple seems to be doing pretty well with its iPhone lineup.

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So sick of analysts with their BS prognostications being headlined as fact! They’re absolutely wrong the vast majority of he time but they still get the Troll Bait headlines and the media just keeps feeding the beast! Even worse, Apple stock takes a dump when the BS doesn’t come true!


Load. Of. Crap.


I agree with iBagwan, Jeff.  You lose your cred with Troll Bait headlines like this.  Even though you downplay the analyst’s projections, your headline offers something different to attract clicks.  The more I see headlines projecting ridiculously large iPhones, the less I click.  I know where your head is, but I’m reading fewer and fewer MacObserver articles due to the trashy headlines.


Said that before: Clever rumours, even if made up, are created by thinking about how Apple works, and what product they might release that’s consistent with the way the company works. Stupid rumours are created by looking at what other companies are doing, and assuming that Apple would copy it.

And where it goes into absolutely demented territory is when “analysts” seem to think that making a big screen is some kind of innovation and Apple can’t make big screens. I might want a bigger phone if I’m in a dark alleyway and think about using it in self defence against an attacker. Otherwise, I think even 4 inch is quite big; possibly too big. There are also people who think that a 16x9 screen for a tablet is innovation.


I think the rumored larger iPad is more significant.
Think about business applications where the larger screen is worth it.
Airplane cockpits, hospitals, cash registers.


What portion of the smartphone market are phablets? I know that the vast majority of phones I see are normal sized not 6” or 7” models. Of course the vast majority of phones I see are also Apple so that might not be a fair sample.


This feels like the time when analysts were saying that Apple should produce a netbook in order to compete and stay relevant. Instead they came out with the iPhone and iPad, which was a total departure from what the analysts predicted Apple would do. I wonder if history will repeat itself.


The phablets hit the makers of tablets more that it rewards them by eating into the sale of their large tablets.


Reminds me of something I came up with about 6 months ago
An iPad Mini with full cell features.
I meant it as a joke but…maybe it’s not such a crazy idea. It wouldn’t eat into iPad Mini sales, and it would be minimal cost to develop.


I do believe there will be another size of iPhone. Given the Panel size being used on the iPad. The Larger iPhone will very likely be 50% larger in area. So “if” Apple keep their smallest iPhone @ 4” screen size, the larger one will be 4.9”.

And If Apple manage to have the screen without the bezel…. 4.9 is actually not that much bigger….....

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