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Topeka Capital analyst Brian White says that not only is a smaller iPad model coming on Tuesday, but that he's already held it. Mr. White claimed he got to hold a prototype version during a recent trip to China where a case maker just so happened to have the device on hand.

In a note to investors, Mr. White stated,
During our recent China-Taiwan Tech Tour, we had the opportunity to play with a pilot version of the "iPad Mini" that easily fit into our sport coat pocket. Experiencing a new form factor of an iconic product such as the iPad is a sight to behold and we believe consumer demand will reflect this phenomenon.

In line with rumors, he said he expects the new iPad model to sport a 7.85-inch display, which he's apparently in a good position to say since he said he held one in his hand. He added that the mini iPad model will include front and rear-facing cameras, Apple's new Lightning connector, offer WiFi-only or Wi-Fi plus 3G/4G connectivity, and will come in storage capacities starting at 8GB.

Analyst says he held the mini iPad. We probably need bigger pockets.Analyst says he held the mini iPad

The small iPad's colors will look more like the iPhone 5 and the device's back will more closely resemble the new iPhone model instead of the current Retina Display iPad.

Mr. White added, "We expect the "iPad Mini" to begin at a price point of $250 to $300."

Apple will be hosting a special media event on at 10AM pacific time on Tuesday, October 23, at the California Theater in San Jose where the smaller form factor iPad is expected to make its forst appearance. The Mac Observer will be on location with live coverage, so be sure to check in for the latest news from the event.

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Mr. White added, “We expect the “iPad Mini” to begin at a price point of $250 to $300.”

From White’s lips to Tim Cook’s ear !
Less than 24 hours to see if he’s correct.


More colors, eh?  And with a $250-300 starting price, the lines will be around several blocks.


”..we had the opportunity to play with a pilot version of the “iPad Mini” that easily fit into our sport coat pocket.”

Then it has to be a 16:9 aspect ratio, otherwise it wouldn’t fit a jacket pocket.  Woohoo!


I commented elsewhere, but what if the big thing is not the iPad mini but it’s price? If Tim Cook goes crazy and says “let’s see what happens when we release something with a razor thin margin,” and has the mini start at $99, would it virtually halt the sales of Kindle Fires and small Android tablets? It’s probably nuts but no one would expect it. We’ll find out tomorrow.


mini start at $99,

I like it and I could see an 8Gb edu only version for that. I still am looking for $199 16Gb $299 32Gb and $399 for 64Gb WiFi only, $100 more at each level for 3G/4G/LTE/whatever they want to call it.


In comparison to the already way more expensive iPad sales, kindle fire and nexus 7 sales might as well already be halted.  It will never be priced lower than the “competition” even the education only version, if that exists.

Like all apple products , it will be priced in such a way so that it will barely seem worth it once you spend a day or two justifying it to yourself

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