Analyst: Apple Could Bring iPhone to Sprint

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Apple Inc. could bring its category-defining iPhone to Sprint later this year, according to Citadel Securities analyst Shing Yin. The analyst said that doing so would allow Apple broader access to price-conscious smartphone consumers because Sprint’s data plans are less expensive than AT&T’s and Verizon’s.

“[An iPhone on Sprint] could offer an attractive proposition for more price-conscious users (a demographic that we think is increasingly important to Apple following the rise of Android),” the analyst said, adding that it, “could be a relatively stronger seller than the Verizon iPhone.”

The research note obtained by Wired wasn’t based on leaked information or sources in Apple’s supply chain, but rather analysis of broad industry trends.

“The main thing for Apple is increased distribution, which is more important now than when the iPhone was first released,” Ying Shin told Wired.

Apple is also rumored to have inked a deal with the world’s largest wireless carrier, China Mobile, and it’s expected that the next version of the iPhone, which may be announced in September, will work on that carrier’s network. Apple could introduce a Sprint-capable version at the same time.

Shares of Sprint rose Wednesday to end the day at US$5.51, up $0.120 (+2.23%), on heavy volume of 59.2 million shares trading hands.

Apple’s stock also closed higher, ending the day at $351.76, up $2.33 (+0.67%), on moderate volume of 15.9 million shares.

*In the interest of full disclosure, the author holds a tiny share in AAPL stock that was not an influence in the creation of this article.  He also holds a slightly larger, but still insignificant stake in Sprint (S).

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Lee Dronick

“because Sprint?s data plans are less expensive than AT&T?s and Verizon?s.”

For now. They might bump up their prices to be on par with the other two or the other two might lower prices because of the competition.

I wish that I could cure my wife’s addiction to texting and use email, it would save us money. However, most of her texting friends don’t have smart phones. As for me I probably have 4 or 5 texts a month.


Yeah, and Verizon offered unlimited data plans….until they got the iPhone.

I just don’t think we’ll see real competition in this business anytime soon in America. Call me jaded.

other side

Yeah, and Verizon offered unlimited data plans?.until they got the iPhone.

This is just the fits & starts of a developing technology. 

Unlimited data will be back; they’ll just surcharge for the speed of getting it.


Gonna really mess with their ad campaign, though.

“Remember all of those things we said about the iPhone? Just kidding.”

Ross Edwards

Sprint is appealing in some respects.  $99 + $10 per additional line per month for unlimited everything beats the tar out of both ATT and Verizon right now. 

I have friends who are on Sprint with the EVO who have been quite pleased despite the occasional drawbacks from it not being an Apple ecosystem device.  And they can tether for free to their wifi iPads, which a non-jailbroken U.S. iPhone can’t do right now unless you want to pay $Rape dollars for the privilege.  On the downside, Sprint’s 4G is Wimax and isn’t too great at this point, and LTE isn’t in the cards.

All of that said, I doubt I would jump to Sprint unless they did, in fact, offer the iPhone itself, and even then there is an additional consideration.  The ATT purchase of T-Mobile makes one wonder if VZI/Vodafone might buy Sprint at some point… and I’m not going to port off of VZW just to get shuffled right back on to it.

@ RossEdwards

Data tethering is not free on sprint. It’s $29.99/mo. And sprint has signed on with lightsquared for LTE… Probably wanna get ur facts straight buddy.


RossEdwards, I don’t know what comic books you have been reading but its time to get your head back into reality. If you have an Android phone then you can use PDA net on Sprint for tethering without a monthly charge and Sprint is OK with that too.


It was an article published on BGR’S website. And I’m gonna check out this PDA net thing lol

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