Analyst: Don’t Expect Long iPad 2 Lines

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Apple’s iPad 2 goes on sale at 5PM pacific time on Friday, March 11, and while it will be popular, Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster doesn’t expect customers will have to deal with long lines.

Mr. Munster predicts the iPad 2 launch lines will be shorter because Apple has over 10,000 potential retail locations thanks to AT&T, Verizon, Walmart, Best Buy and Target stores.

Apple launch linesCustomers lined up early for an Apple product launch

Despite his short line prediction, Mr. Munster expects the iPad 2 will sell out faster than the original iPad model, and that the company will get over a million units into customer’s hands in less than 28 days, according to Business Insider.

While Apple will have more locations where customers can purchase the second generation iPad, the company isn’t letting shoppers pre-order. Instead, everyone that wants an iPad 2 on launch day will have to stand in line at a retail store — a factor that Mr. Munster may have missed in his prediction.

The second generation iPad will be thinner than the original, includes front and rear-facing digital cameras, FaceTime video chat support, GSM and CDMA 3G wireless data support, a faster processor and graphics, black or white bezels, and more. It is priced starting at US$499.

Apple is currently trading at $352.17, down 3.59 (-1.01%).

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jack grey

Puppet Jaffray is owned by Apple. It’s their job to pimp Apple products. The ifad reached it’s peak with the first iphone 4. Could it be that people have enough Apple gadgets and are looking to blow their wad on something different.


How come you didn’t mention how much ram and megapixels ipad2 will have?


@joe: this isn’t an article that’s covering the specs. it doesn’t have to point out everything that’s improved. any article that mentions a few major overhauls (though, ‘major’ needs to be redefined slightly as the iPad2 has none other than cheap cameras) does not need to mention every other minor change to the system.

Arnold Ziffel

Yeah, how come you don’t mention iPad 2 is thinner than an iPhone 4?


Puppet Jaffray is owned by Apple.

No they aren’t. Not sure where you got that but that’s simply not the case. Unless you meant PWND in which case you should have said so.


Such sad, bitter people still predicting Apple will fail just because they continue to insult their products.  Pretty funny.


It has 512 MB of RAM and about 1MP digital camera.  No the one in the iPod touch 4th GEN.


The Envyboy trolls are out in full. Must be sad for them to see their dreams and desires for Androids et al. success to fail so terribly. Yes, how bitter it must be coming up losers against Apple in every measure but that’s how it is. Addressing their anger directly is a waste of wind as it only encourages their stay.

Meanwhile, Apple rakes in the profits, sets the stage for design and innovation, has the ecosystem to rule all aspects of this game which continues making it impossible for the Envyboys to experience the sweet taste of success.

And we all know, nothing shouts sweet more than success, not copying, not angry invective; just plain, in your face success and winning, in any man’s game. We in the Apple world do not take pleasure in others’ pain which, in reality, they bring on themselves though their envy and covetousness.


It actually be construed as a good sign. People don’t line up for other things that have been accepted as being ubiquitous either, and to think that happened within one year .  .  . amazing.


You have to feel sorry for the Mac haters! they stand in line to rally against the latest and greatest that Steve and his colleagues have to present, yet show nothing but the Android and the IPad imitators as their evidence of Apples demise. When they wake up to true ingenuity and the brilliance of the Ipad, IPhone and IPods relevance in our world, then maybe you’ll make some serious cash like I have , cuz I bought my firsT 1000 shares in 1992 . The IPad rocks!


Oh BTW the first 1000 I bought where about $3.00per share

Lee Dronick

Oh BTW the first 1000 I bought where about $3.00per share

And here I was feeling smug because I bought at $25 a share. smile

I will probably buy an iPad 2 towards the end of the month.


I really wish I could go back in time to about 1996, when Apple was at $1.62/share (adjusted for splits), around $13 unadjusted, and buy 1,000 shares. I’d be SO rich! Of course, I could have gotten $200 calls in June, 2007, for about .10 per unit, but I was stupid and blew my money on poker instead. SELL EVERYTHING, AND BUY AAPL!

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