Analyst: No iPhone for Verizon

Despite Verizon's interest carrying the iPhone, don't expect Apple to strike a deal with the cell carrier any time soon. Motorola's Droid smartphone and Verizon's anti-iPhone commercials are two indicators that an iPhone deal isn't on the way, according to the Gerson Lehrman Group.

"Verizon would not launch such an actively negative campaign if they were trying to obtain the iPhone," the report said. "You don't make friends, even in the business world, by denigrating someone."

The report added that if Verizon carried the iPhone it would negatively impact Droid sales, and Motorola "tied their future to the Droid and to Verizon, much as Palm has with the Pre and Sprint."

Apple also isn't likely to design a new version of the iPhone just for Verizon's network. The iPhone supports GSM-based cell technology, which includes support around the world. Verizon's CDMA technology, however, is limited to only a few countries.

Verizon's history of forcing cell phone makers to use its proprietary OS and to limit phone features wouldn't fly with Apple, either.

Despite Apple's strong position, the Mac and iPhone maker wouldn't likely want to hurt its relationship with AT&T, and that's a possibility if a Verizon deal materialized. AT&T's dependence on the iPhone will also likely lead to continued deals with the cell carrier that work in Apple's favor.

Even though Verizon has said it would be interested in striking an iPhone deal with Apple, the company is making it appear like it knows that isn't going to happen. "It's not likely that the iPhone will appear on the Verizon network in the next few years, if ever," the report said.