Analyst: Verizon iPad Deal Bodes Well for CDMA iPhone

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UBS analyst Maynard J. Um, in a report to investors on Thursday, obtained by TMO, said that the ability of Apple and Verizon to reach an agreement on iPad sales in Verizon stores gives credence to the idea that a CDMA iPhone is coming in 2011. He predicts CY first quarter.

An addition, Mr. Um noted that supply constraints are easing for both the iPad and the iPhone as we move into the holiday quarter. Accordingly, Apple has aggressively expanded its distribution of iPads to Verizon and AT&T wireless stores, Wal-Mart (starting Friday), and previously, Best Buy and Target.

Both the iPad and the iPhone 4 are expected to be two of the most heavily gifted items, in addition to iPods, during the holiday season.

Mr. Um has placed a target price on Apple stock [AAPL] at US$350.00. His prediction for Apple fiscal year revenues, ending in September 2010 is US$63 billion dollars and for 2011 is US$81 billion dollars.

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iPads are going everywhere. If a device could go viral, the iPad is it. No longer just the darling of the Apple Retail outlets, they’re soon to be at Walmart, Target, Sams, AT&T, and Verizon stores.

That’s some seriously ramped up production. I wonder what the hot item for Christmas is this year…..................Get them now, by Thanksgiving they’ll be in short supply!!!!


I really don’t see any connection between Verizon selling the iPad and a CDMA phone sold by Verizon. I recently read that the head of Verizon had said that Apple will have to come to THEIR terms, which would probably mean that Verizon would have some control over the iPhone, just as they have done with the Android phones. That could mean that Verizon would insist upon preloading its own apps that could not be deleted, couldn’t be moved on the page, etc. I don’t see Apple agreeing to that.


What gslusher said.

Analysts: We see some totally unrelated connection between Apple and Verizon, and so we’re going to hop on the ‘CDMA iPone is coming to Verizon, even though even the CEO of Verizon has basically said that it wouldn’t happen’ bandwagon.

When are people going to realize that at the vast majority of the time, the stuff analysts come up with is guesswork, more than likely based on no more information than the rest of us are gleaning from the web. If you are a die-hard fan of Macs, or anything else, you probably have more information on that topic than the analysts that are being quoted.

For evidence of this, look at how vastly disproportionate the ratio is between how often analysts are wrong vs. right about what Apple is going to do? It seems like it’s been > 90/1 for as long as I can remember. That is when they aren’t all just parroting a quote from a source that is well known to have some kind of inside connection into Apple’s dealing. It seems like the only way they maintain the illusion of credibility on the topic of Apple is by regurgitating information coming from sources that are actually reliable - even though those same sources are normally posting the same information online, themselves.

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