Analysts: Nobody Knows How Many Apple Watches Apple Sold

How many Apple Watches were sold during Apple's third fiscal quarter? That depends on which analyst you ask: it could be as low as 2.85 million, or as high as 5.7 million. They're all hoping to have a better idea just how many Apple Watches made it onto consumer's wrists, but unless Apple decides to specifically state how many were sold—which most likely won't happen—those analysts will have to try to extrapolate an answer based on the company's other numbers.

Apple isn't saying how many Apple Watches have been soldApple isn't saying how many Apple Watches have been sold

At the high end, Jeffries analyst  Sundeep Bajikar estimates Apple sold 5.7 million smart watches. At the low end sits Turley Muller from Financial Alchemist at 2.85 million units. Several analysts are clustered around 5 million, and another group has gravitated towards 3 million.

The range between the highest and lowest estimates is surprising in that the top end is twice as big as the most conservative estimate. The takeaway there is that no one really has a good idea how many watches Apple sold.

Apple CEO Tim Cook made it clear he isn't interested in sharing Apple Watch sales figures, so don't expect to see any hard numbers during Tuesday's third quarter fiscal earnings report. Instead, what we're likely to see are nebulous statements like, "We were blown away by the demand," and "Sales figures exceeded our expectations."

Mr. Cook also isn't interested in giving up any data to competitors, according to Fortune. "I'm not very anxious in reporting a lot of numbers on Apple Watch because competitors look for it," he said.

Apple's quarterly earnings report is scheduled for Tuesday, July 21 at 5PM eastern time. Be sure to check in with The Mac Observer for our coverage and analysis.

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