Android Market Hits 100K Apps

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Google’s Android Market passed the 100K app milestone Monday, as noted by a tweet from the Android Developer Team that nonchalantly announced, “One hundred thousand apps in Android Market.” While still far behind Apple’s App Store, the 100K milestone will likely be considered significant by many industry observers and analysts.

Android Dev Team Tweet

Apple’s App Store currently has some 284,000 apps available, according to third party site That breaks down to 266,374 iPhone apps and 37,290 iPad apps, with some overlap between the two categories. Indeed, Apple has either pulled or seen pulled by developers more than half as many apps as the Android Market boasts in total (more than 54,000 apps have been approved but are no longer available from Apple’s App Store).

Be that as it may, Google’s Android platform has gone a long way towards supplying the kind of foundation that was initially seen as such an advantage to Apple’s iOS platform (then the iPhone OS platform). With 100,000 apps to choose from, Android users aren’t going to have the same breadth of choice in any given category or app type, but most of those app types will be represented in one way or another.

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Greg Mills wrote an interesting piece about the Android App situation.

Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

Sadly, the Android Marketplace never got it’s hands on Talking Chuck.

BTW, those lamenting the utility of the Android Marketplace don’t seem to know about QR codes. All the popular Android blogs post them with app mentions and reviews. Scan, download, go. Really easy. Even easy when the app in question isn’t in the Marketplace, but on a developer’s site.

james t kirk

you are crazy if you think that apple is going to win this race.  really? you really think that can happen?  Check the stock price.  check the usage.  check the market pentration.  Screw you guys, i’m calling my broker to dump apple and buy as much google as i can.  seriously.


Knock yourself out. Seriously.


Screw you guys, i?m calling my broker to dump apple and buy as much google as i can.? seriously

Enterprise to Kirk. When we beamed you back from your last away mission, your pattern destabilsed. The Heisenberg compensators were able to restore the pattern buffers for everything except your brain; which, we regret to inform you, did not rematerialise.

This may have had some nasty side effects, which you may have noticed, such as a tendency to give voice words without thought. Hence, your unfortunate diatribe. Dr McCoy advises you to take a vow of silence pending restoration of cognitive function.

Disclaimer: This was not the real Enterprise, nor was that the real James T Kirk. Had either been so, one might expect such an exchange.

Regarding stock, I would be surprised if anyone holding such an opinion, and voicing it in this venue, had any stock holding worth mentioning. But if so, as Intruder said, ‘Knock yourself out’.

Kidding aside, Kirk, I think the majority of readers of this site welcome competitive products, as the ultimate winners are we, the product users.

Bryan Chaffin

OK, wab, you’re killing me here! :D

And I’ll throw out a big double emphasis on this bit:

I think the majority of readers of this site welcome competitive products, as the ultimate winners are we, the product users.

Lee Dronick

Why do those guys always seem to have defective shift keys. They rarely begin a sentence with an uppercase character.


I’m guessing “Tiberius” had his tongue firmly implanted in his cheek when commenting.

After all, this is all part of Bosco Brad’s AO, although the Onslaught is more like a molasses tanker truck spill. Smells nice, but it sure is making a mess.



Sadly, the Android Marketplace never got it?s hands on Talking Chuck.

No, but as far as I know there never was a Hen Koi app for the iPhone.

Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

@ctopher: Star Trek (beyond a passing reference) is not part of my MO. But beyond that, the number of apps in the various app stores is a pretty meaningless statistic. As both my example and your example point out, those numbers count things like those apps, even when one app store supposedly subjects all apps to intense reviews and the other might take down such apps if users complain.

The genius of the centralized app store is that it refuted the notion that there was no software available for such and such platform. But the special relevance ends there. These stores are just venues to sell to customers, which is wonderful, but not nearly as special as the app counters portray.


Greg Mills wrote an interesting piece about the Android App situation.

Interesting. And yet, the Android App market continues to grow, perhaps not in spite, but because of the anarchic situation. Google continues to make its money.

I maintain that the issue here is neither number of apps nor market share per se, but profit and profit share. Number of apps may confer some bragging rights (recall the Windows-compatible ‘number of applications’ compared to Macintosh-compatible crowing of yore), but neither Apple nor Google can afford to run a portable app business that is not turning a profit for long. I will go further and state that a distant second place in profit share, in the long run, is not where either can afford to be if they want to take their mobile OS and devices to the next level, or avoid being penalised by Wall Street.

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