Angry Birds 2 Adds New Levels, Unlocks Episodes

Rovio released a new version of the popular Angry Birds for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch on Sunday to celebrate the game’s second anniversary. Angry Birds 2.0 includes 15 new birthday cake-themed levels, and unlocks all of the game episodes.

Angry Birds 2Angry Birds 2 adds birthday levels

Version 2 also includes the new expandable orange bird, some new graphics, and birthday-related achievements.

Rovio also released Angry Birds Seasons 2.1.1 with stability fixes for the seasonal-themed version of the game bird tossing game. The Seasons version costs US$0.99 for the iPhone and iPod touch, or $1.99 for the HD iPad version.

Angry Birds for the iPhone and iPod touch is priced at $0.99, and Angry Birds HD for the iPad costs $4.99. The updates are free for current users, and are available at Apple’s iTunes-based App Store.